Graphics Generator

Create your own graphics with our online Graphics Generator

The last few years have brought data visualization into the world of disclosure design and communication.

DG3 has developed a secure, web-based data visualization tool which enables you to create beautiful graphics without any special software.

Manage your own graphic creation, design and edits

  • Integrated with DG3’s Disclosure 2.0 suite of document management tools
  • Output web and print ready files, 24/7/365
  • Store all of your graphics in a personal library for easy retreival and editing
  • Retain control of your graphics, reduce risk and save time
  • Communicate with confidence. Test data sets, create clear and elegant graphics in minutes to enhance your investor presentations, board books and SEC disclosure.

Step 1 - Choose Your Style

Step 2 - Input and Customize Your Data

  • Color
  • Font
  • Orientation

  • Data markers
  • Legend Location

Step 3 - Publish Your Graphic

  • Output files for simple copy / paste into your documents and presentations
  • Store your graphics in a personal library
  • Include notes to track data sets

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